Venturas - Your Weaker Self 12" EP

Venturas – Your Weaker Self 12″ EP

Venturas - Your Weaker Self 12" EP

Today, I would like to introduce a tremendous German skate punk band that emanates from Wermelskirchen. Venturas are roaming the skate punk scene since 2004, and so far, they’ve released a couple of recordings, such as a debut full-length material named Walk Tall and Draw The Blinds EP. The group strictly follows a DIY ethos since their beginnings, and it seems like they’re keeping a low profile until they decide to publish some new material. Recently, Venturas released a brand new material called Your Weaker Self on 12″ vinyl record. Like in previous cases, the group published this material by themselves, while Mud Cake Records and Lockjaw Records took the duties of distributing vinyl and compact discs.

Your Weaker Self represents their most advanced material consisting of five energetic skate punk numbers. Venturas included this material on one side, while the other side of this vinyl record carries Draw The Blinds, their equally good previous extended play material. These two recordings are going well altogether, so perhaps you won’t even notice this vinyl record consists of two separate EP releases if there was not a slight difference in production between them. Venturas are nurturing quite an interesting sound that resembles me of something Propagandhi, Venerea, Satanic Surfers, Jet Market, or any other similar groups would eventually record throughout their careers. Nevertheless, there something more than meets the eye when it comes to the sound of this band. There’s something about the way how Venturas are articulating throughout the entire material that makes them a unique melodic punk rock group.

It seems like Venturas perfected a technically demanding skate punk sound, so their music slightly differs from the rest of the contemporaries. They somehow managed to reach the fine line between technicalities and speed. Their sound is not too complicated, repetitious, and ultra-fast like the majority of contemporaries may appear nowadays. Venturas are solely relying upon profoundly melodic arpeggiated chord progressions, well-structured harmonies, catchy skate punk themes, and detailed rhythmic segments with a lot of accentuations, breaks, and drum fills. What I adore about their sound is not too polished production that resembles the late nineties skate punk recordings, and you’ll get the feeling that the group recorded this material in one take in the studio, but you’ll hear each instrument during the entire material. Everything about this extended play seems logical and perfect.

This 140gr vinyl record comes with a meaningful cover visual identity that probably points out the weaknesses of humanity in these troubling times. The inlay holds all the necessary information about this record, lyric sheet, tracklist, and anything else you need to know about the Venturas. Head over to their Bandcamp page for more detailed information about ordering this skate punk gem.




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