Mad Mulligans - Who Are The Mad Mulligans? - Rotten Bastard Records / Dammit Records

Mad Mulligans – Who Are The Mad Mulligans? CD (Rotten Bastard Records / Dammit Records)

Mad Mulligans - Who Are The Mad Mulligans? - Rotten Bastard Records / Dammit Records

Who are the Mad Mulligans? The myth, the legend, or maybe working-class heroes whose bandmembers lurked on the local NYC streetpunk scene through various incarnations? To be more precise, it’s a brand new Oi! group based in NYC. Their debut album carries seven classic streetpunk tunes that will be right up your alley if you’re into old-school streetpunk/Oi! sound. Perhaps Mad Mulligans are a relatively new group that formed during 2020, but musicians involved in the band are familiar faces. The group includes experienced musicians who previously or still perform with groups such as The Krays, Bastard Clan, Drunken Rampage, American Eagle, Skism, Model Citizen NYC, Darkside NYC, while the guest appearances on this album involve members of Mephiskapheles, Dead Crew, Faction Zero, and Threats.

Who are the Mad Mulligans is such a diverse album, mainly because it involves various elements, styles, directions, and articulations. Still, this album harmoniously resonates with a widely known old school Oi! vibe. Their music resembles something that Sham 69, Blitz, Cock Sparrer, Business, The Gonads, The Clash, Angelic Upstarts would eventually record throughout their careers, but of course, there’s even more than meets the eye. Besides classic British streetpunk/Oi!/punk rock sound, you may stumble upon a couple of compositions that are resembling the music of the eighties New York hardcore punk scene. Some tunes are going even further, so you may notice some chord progressions similar to something that would Bouncing Souls include in their verses. Nevertheless, Mad Mulligans are staying true to the roots, so the streetpunk/Oi! sound unquestionably dominates during the entire album.

The group solely relies upon recognizable four-chord progressions, old school rock’n’roll licks, classic punk rock maneuvers, and other sonic delicacies delivered on guitars. Still, characteristic arrangements and production are mainly responsible for their traditional Oi! sound. There’s something about those powerful basslines, equally present in the mix alongside guitars, that gives a little bit more flavor to this record. It leaves the scent of those renowned Oi! recordings we all dearly love. It’s nearly mindblowing how this small but significant detail enhances the entire recording on an entirely new level. The solid drumming performance keeps the remaining portion of the group in line through moderate rhythmic segments. Everything seems nicely done, and this material undoubtfully deserves your utmost attention if you’re profoundly into streetpunk/Oi! sound. Who Are The Mad Mulligans comes on a compact disc, but the album also available on streaming services such as Spotify and Bandcamp. Head over to Rotten Bastard Records or Dammit Records for more detailed information about ordering.




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