Shirley Holmes – Die Krone der Erschöpfung CD (Rookie Records)

Shirley Holmes - Die Krone der Erschöpfung CD - Rookie Records

Shirley Holmes is one of those groups who’re defying the devotion to one music stream. The group refuses to be defined by the simplistic terms, phrases, and classifications of the singular genre. Sometimes these experimentations with sound have positive and negative aspects that may cause the band to sound a little bit off, but thankfully, Shirley Holmes holds all the strings in their hands. Quite the contrary, their sound is equally compact and diverse at the same time. Therefore, this Berlin-based trio bursts with tremendous energy that sometimes defies reasoning, but simultaneously everything seems perfectly logical. Since the beginning, Shirley Holmes released a couple of full-lengths, such as Heavy Chansons and Schnelle Nummern. The group is coming back with their third full-length recording named Die Krone der Erschöpfung CD, which has been released by Rookie Records during the April of 2020.

This particular album delivers a quite characteristic mixture of various genres, blended together in a homogenous harmony. Besides obvious punk-rock articulations, the group brings loads of other elements to the table. You may stumble upon some powerpop, rock’n’roll, alternative rock, grunge, noise rock, and synth. Shirley Holmes goes fully experimental, but they use common sense while exploring these genres. This heavy sonic weaponry offers endless possibilities, but Shirley Holmes decided to measure perfect amounts of each ingredient and combine them into the amalgam of highly engaging numbers. The group easily articulates between poppy punk rock melodies and abrasive noise rock maneuvers, while simultaneously paves the road for more grunge or alternative rock tunes. Still, Shirley Holmes is leaving enough room for more dream pop and synth-pop moments when they dominate as the band the most.

You’ll notice how generously fuzzy guitars are perfectly matching to both lead and back vocals. The guitars burst with a rich, abrasive, entirely distorted ambiance that overflows the room with adequate noise but leaves other instruments intact. Therefore, you’ll detect every instrumentation surrendered by the group without missing anything along the way. Besides ideally sung compositions, you’ll stumble upon some weird vocal segments, purposely implemented to highlight particular sequences within the songs. However, these maneuvers are not spoiling the fun, but decorating such a specific sound of Shirley Holmes. The rhythm section maintains stability, compactness, and massiveness throughout the entire record. Both subtly distorted basslines and tremendous drumming performance are mainly responsible for the stalwart presence of the band.

Die Krone der Erschöpfung acts as a proper continuation of their preceding recordings, but this material showcases more experimentations with the sound. Shirley Holmes brings back words like unique, energetic, and fun onto the scene completely crowded with repetitious groups who’re delivering the same old sound. Die Krone der Erschöpfung entirely dictates how alternative music should sound in the 21st century. The album comes on white vinyl, digipak compact disc, but it is also available on streaming services. Head over to Rookie Records web store for more information about ordering.

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