The Urethras – Patronized Flexi 7” (Pirates Press Records)

The Urethras - Patronized Flexi 7'' - Pirates Press Records

Patronized is a debut single by The Urethras, a relatively new punk rock quartet hailing from Rohnert Park, California. The group comprises of four teenagers who are holding back a lot of angst against the scholars and the system. To be fair, the punk rock scene desperately needs some new blood to carry the torch, and The Urethras are a perfect example of how things are supposed to sound back in the day. Their debut recording offers a throwback to the eighties hardcore punk era when the fast-paced three-chord anthems were the main thing on the scene.

Patronized evokes some memories of the earlier works by the greats such as Circle Jerks, NOFX, Bad Religion, or Black Flag. Compare Patronized with any number taken from How Could Hell Be Any Worse? by Bad Religion, Maximum Rock’n’Roll by NOFX or Wild In The Streets by Circle Jerks, and you’ll get the idea. It grasps the same amounts of teenage angst, bitterness, rawness, dynamics, unapologetic attitude and combines it in a piece of raging music in the same manner as bands used to do it forty years ago. These teenagers are fully aware that the best punk rock songs were made in troubling times for mankind, so they’re using a quarantine caused by the pandemics to catalyze their discontent towards almost everything. Therefore, their approach to punk rock music seems so sincere.

This number contains the right amounts of every essential element that defines a perfect punk rock tune. A couple of thoughtfully arranged chords, solid drumming, and a pissed off vocalist who transmits enough power for the entire band are the key elements of The Urethras. Perhaps this Flexi misses a couple of more songs, but this single serves as a proper introduction to their uncompromising sound. Spin their single and decide for yourself. You may find Patronized at all streaming services or at Pirates Press Records, who released this number as picture Flexi 7” record.

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