Taking On Water – False Start EP


False Start EP is a debut release by San Diego based Taking On Water, relatively new melodic punk band developed by not so young musicians who are deeply into punk rock for years. The band has been formed in July of 2019. with a clear aim to bring good 90s melodic skatepunk music back on the map with some quality tunes. The band takes all the elements of that era, but with much better production and some fresh ideas, mostly hearable through the arrangements. This fine EP starts with Mind The Gap, great opening tune which instantly reminded me of something Pulley would probably record sometime at the end of the nineties. But unlike Pulley, Taking On Water is way more energetic, with great octave parts and effective slightly distorted vocals which are the key element of Taking On Water. John Doe is coming up next, slightly slower with a great kinda folk intro, powerful chorus and this is probably the track where the drummer is dominating the most. The riffs are also brilliant on this one, more straightforward, less melodic and perhaps even more energetic than on a previous tune. Next one is Ray The Anarchist, probably the most folk punk alike song with an amazing downtempo pop-punk refrain which sounds incredible and will suit to all the fans of this particular genre. The fourth track, Are We Famous Yet? is a great comeback to the classic melodic punk rock, with a simple, but yet effective guitar fill which makes this tune probably the most memorable of all the presented tracks. The tune is enriched with great singalongs as well. If Only is a closing track and very melodic one with great chord progressions on the very beginning. This one also possesses a great refrain where the vocals are dominating all over with powerful shout-outs. Such a good close up to a brilliant debut EP by these skillful musicians who are, judging by these recordings, possess all the knowledge to record a proper material from start to finish. False Start EP is available at Taking On Water’s Bandcamp page for free listening, but I encourage you to support this great band by purchasing a digital EP.

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