Adventure Playground

Adventure Playground Released Debut Album “Alright Already”

Adventure Playground

Oakland, CA’s, Adventure Playground has released its debut LP ‘Alright Already’.

Armed with catchy hooks and contagious energy, the 5-piece (formed in 2021) has crafted a fresh concoction of punky-pop that has quickly been taking the storied East Bay music scene by storm. With the release of the band’s debut album, Adventure Playground is now setting its sights on world domination.

The 9 track debut follows on the heels of the AP’s well-received debut single (and album title track) “Alright Already.”

Vocalist Noah St. John writes: “Sitting in the messiest room you’ve ever seen, a depressed college dropout in his early twenties played the few chords he knew on guitar and sang “I can’t stand this planet any longer.” His mind turned towards the hopeful a few lines later: “I think I need a new plan but I don’t know what it is.” When Noah had finished recording the “demo” of this “song” on Photo Booth, he sent the video to his best friend, lifelong musician/guitarist and newly minted audio engineer Isaac. A lightbulb went off in Isaac’s head: a band needed to be assembled. There was John Spencer, the relentlessly polished, deafeningly sharp punk drummer Isaac knew from music camp; Griffin Kamm, Isaacs best friend, the slapping bassist with an incredible ear; and Noah, his depressed performance artist bestie who had just sent him this tattered essence of a song. A month later, the players were assembled into a pop punk (and anything else) band. But … the guitar… they needed more guitar! Enter Ben, guitar experimentalist demolitionist #1. Cue the guitar harmonies and…. ahhh, there it was: the Adventure Playground sound. With the gang all assembled, the songs were born quickly. “New Plan(et)” made it out of Photo Booth. “Alright Already” launched from a jam and demanded a party after a bad mood. That party got incredibly wild in “Fried Fish Junk.” Post-party, the gang dissected social anxiety in “Brick by Brick.” Things took a turn for the Western, or the comical, in “The Ballad of Russell Rose and his Trusty Steed (O Shelley).” A heart broke in “Walking Away.” Pop punk reached a thick bassy tentacle around that heart in “He Said/She Said.” Hope was born again with “Livin on Sunshine.” And in the end, the album provided a whole bunch of love and a whole bunch of confessions, with “Hands on Me to Heal.””

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Adventure Playground became fast friends at music summer camp in Cazadero, CA. After graduating high school the group spent the next 10 years spread out around the country honing their craft. While guitarists Isaac Butler-Brown and Ben Klausner and singer Noah St. John wasted their undergraduate years pretending to attend classes at Wesleyan University and playing in much-talked-about college party bands, and drummer John Spencer studied jazz in New York City and infiltrated Brooklyn’s DIY punk scene, bassist Griffin Kamm held it down in the Bay Area making a name for himself as a live video producer.

Finally together again, AP has been creating a reputation for their high energy and impossibly danceable live shows. The members of AP have played a wide range of genres from jazz to psych rock to hip hop and are combining these influences to create a sound that is leaving a lasting impact on all the ears it can find.





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