Volores Released Video For “Ages”

Photo by Richard Johnson

Post-punk husband and wife duo VOLORES featuring long-time Flogging Molly bassist Nathen Maxwell readies their second single “All That We Could Need” for release on January 13th. Their debut album AGES is due out in 2023. 

“It’s a song about anxiety and its cyclical way of furthering you down a black hole of worry,” explains vocalist and guitarist Shelby Maxwell. “How we often do it to ourselves and create our own panic, when in reality, we ourselves and our best efforts are all that we could ever need in this life.”

The recently released title track “Ages” is available worldwide via digital service providers. Westword featured the song in their weekly music column Put It on Your Playlist and vowed, “‘Ages’ emits a strong resemblance to cowpunk masters X, but with its own unique sound, one that possesses a joyful, life-affirming quality.”

Organic, haunting, and relentlessly authentic, VOLORES’ broad appeal lies in its raw channeling of the mortal condition, including mental health struggles, that they’ve not only experienced, but experienced together. Simple, yet effortlessly beautiful, AGES celebrates the shared musical passions that brought the Maxwells together – from Leonard Cohen and Elliot Smith to The Cure and Interpol – through unfiltered expressions that cast deeply personal shadows in plain sight, coated only in intuitive melody and elegant songcraft.





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