Kerala Dust

Kerala Dust Shared The Video For Future Visions

Kerala Dust
Photo by Andrin Fretz

Kerala Dust have shared “Future Visions”, the latest track to be taken from their upcoming second album, Violet Drive, which will be released on February 17, 2023 via Play It Again Sam.

Talking about the track, the band said:

“There was an old mellotron from the 1960s in this studio we were working from in Berlin, and one night I started working on this descending chord pattern, which then became ‘Future Visions’. The song is about lying awake, late at night, thinking about the things you’re going to say to this person that you’re hopelessly in love with, and how you wish you could get closer to them.”

The band have previously shared Pulse VIRed Light and Violet Drive from the album and recently performed a couple of tracks live for an Audiotree session in Chicago, which can be seen HERE.

Kerala Dust, formed in London in 2016, are now based between Berlin and Zurich, and the three Brits – Edmund Kenny on vocals and electronics, keys player Harvey Grant and guitarist Lawrence Howarth – with their new album, Violet Drive, have created a deeply European album torn between the past and future.

Formed out of a growing love of electronic music mixed with a history in indie bands, their music incorporates blues and americana mixed thrillingly with untraditional electronic beats. Through playing clubs worldwide for three years after forming, they honed a somewhat improvised and always fluid live show that broke their songs away from the shackles of their recorded forms and set the stage for a band determined to break molds and keep rewriting their own script.

Having released their debut album Light, West towards the end of 2020, Violet Drive is very much a record inspired by their move to Berlin after their debut and the city’s complicated history and architectural landscapes and in a break from past ways of working, the songs on Violet Drive were built from the drums up, and this truly stunning, off-kilter percussion defines the album.

Recorded in two weeks in a studio in the Alps just outside of Zurich, the thudding backbeat laid down provide the framework upon which the album’s lyrics and instrumentation – flashes of blues-y guitars and woozy synths, Edmund’s deliciously deep, syrupy voice – bounce off and flesh the songs out.

“This record is way more central European in terms of its influences,” explains Edmund Kenny, with German legends Can a constant touch-point.

“Last year we went to Prague and then Budapest and then Warsaw on a European tour. We felt this sense of actual, real interconnectedness between these cities, and this overarching European identity and sense of shared culture.” As a result, Violet Drive became “a very, very European record”.

The album can be pre-ordered HERE





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