Jerry A. Lang - From The Fire Into The Water

Jerry A. Lang Announces Solo Album “From The Fire Into The Water”

Jerry A. Lang - From The Fire Into The Water

“There are many bands, each one sounds completely different…” – admits Jerry A, talking about various projects of his. Despite the glory of being a founding member of Poison Idea, the vocalist has made successful career as a member of various projects and active collaborator. Crime Scene from Belgium that gets influences from Bay-Area thrash-metal scene. Savage Beat from Amsterdam, with obvious rock-n-roll influences. Big Stick – ‘Skinny Puppy meets Cramps. Lee Hazelwood, Motorhead, a BLITZ cover sung by Joy Division’ – explains vocalist adding: “It’s a crazy mix of what I consider the best music around”.

Despite the glory of being one of the most recognizable voices in punk-rock, Lang has managed to build a strong reputation outside of his activities as the lead vocalist of Poison Idea – collaborating with everybody from Soft Kill to The Ransom.The vocalist describes his process of work with other artists as something natural: “I totally get off on throwing ideas off others and creating. Sometimes it’s just natural” Jerry stresses: “It comes easy and if feels like you can do it in your sleep”.

Talking about the nature of his upcoming solo LP, Jerry A looks back in time on a series of events that lead to the birth of a solo-artist: I was asked years ago to sing on a Dare To Defy song, a cover of an old punk band YDI. That came out as a single. It came and went. The Hard-Ons from Australia asked if I would write a song with them. They wrote the music – I wrote the lyrics. It was brutally good. People in America never heard it because it was on a European label. Other bands, other releases….” – continues Lang talking about his upcoming solo release, ‘From The Fire Into The Water’. Vocalist describes the upcoming release as something he takes as ‘a rebirth’ rather than restart – after Poison Idea went on hiatus a few years ago.

“This is my first scream in this new world”. Uniting various activities of his, Lang created a totally outstanding result. Taking a special place in the rich discography of Lang as the most powerful excursion through the creativity of the vocalist – nihilistic and powerful, uncompromising statement and the best proof of the collaborative power and the reach legacy of Jerry A. “It’s a trip, man. It’s a trip being here and seeing the world with these clear eyes, hearing this music with open ears and open heart”. – explains Lang, looking at his long path and the upcoming full-size solo-debut. “Every coin has two sides, every record has two sides. The front and back cover. Fire and water. Hot and cold. The spectrum of degree. This runs the whole course. But when it comes to good and bad, this stays closer to the sooner. I’m not gonna brag, but I’m proud of this and I stand by it 100%. This is my rebirth, from the fire.”

‘From The Fire Into The Water’ is coming out on December, the 16th via American Leather Records. Record-release party would take place at Portland’s Wyrd War on December, the 17th – follow American Leather Records on Facebook to get all the details. Bandcamp pre-order HERE





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