Nothingheads Released Video For 3000 Years In Showbusiness


‘3000 years in Showbusiness’ is the first in a string of singles released by Nothingheads, as a lead up to their new EP next year. It will be available on 7’inch via DIY label Just Step Sideways Records (Beige Banquet, Civil Partnership, Tommy Cossack) on October 28th.

The track fuses angular guitars with cacophonous fuzz as it noisily thunders towards a cathartic, doom laden pay off. Recorded by Wayne Adams (previously recorded JOHN, USA Nails) at Bear Bites Horse studios, it captures the power and rawness of Nothingheads live show. Transcending modern political discord, ‘3000 years in Showbusiness’ is a playful caress at the hypocrisy of the ages. The band say about the accompanying video: ‘From the ancient colosseum, to casinos, cockfights, porn and reality TV, there’s always been a need to entertain and be entertained, as long as eyes are watching and money’s coming in. So we tried to make a non- linear video to loosely explore that theme.’

Formed in 2020, London powerhouse Nothingheads make dissonant grooves drawing influence from post punk and doom. Rocks fall from the sky. The TV cuts out. A head bounces to songs covering amazonian mines, modern super sewers and gambling in Gethsemane. They have become a mainstay in the London’s DIY live music circuit, sharing the stage with Mclucksy and Japanese Television amongst others. They will headline the Victoria on November 11th with support from Tommy Cossack and the Degenerators, and Club Lex.

Nothingheads are Joe Zain (Drums), Rob Fairey (Guitar / Vox), Matt Holt (Bass / synths), Ed Simpson (Guitar). ‘3000 years in Showbusiness’ was engineered by Wayne Adams’.





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