Holiday Ghosts

Holiday Ghosts Released New Single “B Truck”

Holiday Ghosts
Photo by Johnny Griffiths

Holiday Ghosts return today with new single ‘B Truck’. Mining the works of eras past they forge from the best of artists such as The Kinks, Violent Femmes, Alex Chilton and Modern Lovers, using the sound as a backdrop onto which they deconstruct a myriad of social issues. The result is unadulterated and unclean, unabashed and uncompromised, with a lean and primitive rock n roll spirit.

This provides the perfect platform from which the band can put modern working culture into its eyeline, on new single ‘B Track’. It focusses on the sacrifices that people make for their employers and questions this as an accepted norm.

Sam Stacpoole ellaborates: “I wrote this song at a time when I was working through a recruitment agency for a variety of different jobs, mostly driving related. The lyrics are taken from conversations that I had with people who I worked alongside, and merged with my own frustrations of general full time work in minimum wage jobs. It’s also a larger commentary on the pressures people face in having to give up most of their life to work for businesses who don’t fairly value their time and rights, and the acceptance of this being a natural part of our society.”

Hear ‘B Truck’ on streaming services here and share on YouTube below.





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