A Place To Bury Strangers

A Place To Bury Strangers Share Visualizer For Previously Unreleased Track

A Place To Bury Strangers

A Place To Bury Strangers have announced details of an expanded and remastered reissue of their 2009 album ‘Exploding Head‘, out on Mute / BMG on 21 October 2022. Available on limited edition transparent double vinyl, transparent red single vinyl and as a deluxe 2CD package, the original album has been newly remastered. Double vinyl, CD and digital formats include rarities, unreleased material and three blistering cover versions of tracks by Love & Rockets, 13th Floor Elevators and David Bowie.

The band have now shared the previously unreleased track ‘Don’t Save Your World‘. Oliver Ackerman explains: “This song was the new direction for the band, recorded right after ‘Exploding Head’. The times were changing and there was the possibility for anything. I wanted the band to be laser-focused on breaking down the preconceived ideas of this new wave of punk music that was coming out. I wanted the new direction to be more powerful and intense than ever before and this was definitely augmented by Allen Blickle from Baroness’ drums on this track.” The new track is accompanied by a visualizer featuring footage from 2009’s ‘Exploding Head’ tour.

‘Exploding Head’ was the band’s first release for Mute and followed their eponymous debut. The album was awarded Best New Music at Pitchfork but, where that was a patchwork of old and new tracks, Exploding Head was a direct statement. Recorded by Oliver Ackermann (vocals/ guitar), Jono MOFO (bass) and Jay Space (drums) at Death By Audio, the infamous arts and music venue/ rehearsal and recording studio, and living space that Ackermann helped build in Williamsburg, the album was engineered by Andy Smith who took the band, according to Ackermann at the time, to “a whole other level”. Ackermann, the only remaining member from this line-up, went on to talk about the album’s contrasts “I love the interplay between something that’s pretty and something that’s scary.”, which Drowned in Sound echoed in their review at the time, calling it “a perfect balance between noise and tune”. 

“Cranked up, you’ll hear no more thrilling record this year”, stated The Quietus and Ackermann’s newly remastered edition of the album, featuring the singles ‘In Your Heart’ and ‘Keep Slipping Away’ as well as the incendiary finale to many of the live shows in their relentless touring schedule, ‘I Lived My Life to Stand in the Shadow of Your Heart’, has only built-in potency. The ten rarities, covers, and unreleased tracks consist of fascinating detours, roads not taken, and in a few cases, tantalising hints about where the band would go next.

A Place to Bury Strangers are about to embark on an Asian tour in November, and have already confirmed a couple of European Festivals, including Wide Awake Festival next year, where they’ll play alongside Osees, Ty Segall and Gilla Band. More dates to be announce soon.

12 Nov – Keraxen Festival – Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

16 Nov – Club Seata – Tokyo, Japan

17 Nov – Koenji High – Tokyo, Japan

19 Nov – Maho Raspo Festival – Bangkok, Thailand

24 Nov – Mow’s – Quenzon City, Philippines

27 May – Wide Awake Festival – London, UK






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