The Tin Can Collective Shares New Single “Better View Desired”

The Tin Can Collective

The Tin Can Collective combines elements of heartland rock, midwest emo, and punk, creating high energy, catchy, and beautifully written music. Today the band is sharing, “Better View Desired,” an intense track dealing with issues of self-harm with grace and deep empathy. The track, while heartbreaking, is also hopeful in that it assures us that things can get better.

John Warren of the band says, “The story of this song is all in the lyrics. Out of respect for the dead I will keep it brief. If anyone is thinking about ending it- I want you to know things can get better. Check in on the people you care about. Be kind. You never know what others are going through. To anyone who is going through it now; I see you and I hope you keep going. Call or text 988”

John Warren started the Tin Can Collective in 2011 as a recording project, enlisting a rotating cast of friends to complete the outfit. Among the ragtag group were Jess Warren (John’s sister and co-writer on many of the songs). 

Always pure of heart and full of intention, The Tin Can Collective has schlepped around the country in a rented minivan, playing their brand of beer-soaked indie emo punk for anyone who would listen. They quickly became cult favorites for their chaotic live shows and became what could be described as “a band’s band.”

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