After Elmer Released Video For Skyline

After Elmer

After Elmer, a pop punk band from Rotterdam, the Netherlands, has recently released a new single/hometown anthem ”Skyline”.

The city you’re born in is, a lot of times, also the city in which you make your greatest mistakes and celebrate your biggest successes. With their new single ‘Skyline’, After Elmer delivers an anthemic song about working hard for your dreams, placed against the backdrop of a dynamic hometown (in their case Rotterdam) that won’t give anything for free. Watch the music video below.

The video was filmed on top of Het Nieuwe Instituut, an architectural museum in Rotterdam. To celebrate the ‘Rotterdamse Dakendagen’ (a couple of weeks in the summer when you can visit some interesting rooftops in the city), the museum put a giant pink stage on top of their roof, on which the band recorded the music video. The video was filmed by Rutger van der Zwaag of Silvermotion Pictures.

Earlier this summer, the band released the single ‘Flip a Coin (Overthinking)’, the first new music since the release of their debut-EP ‘Look Alive’, which was released in 2020. In January of 2022 the band went into the studio with producer Stijn Donders of Raiko Records to work on some new songs, which led to Flip a Coin (Overthinking) and Skyline (and maybe some more..?). For the big, anthemic feeling of these new songs, the band got help from Bury Tomorrow’s Tom Prendergast.

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