Lore City

Lore City Release New Single “Animate”

Lore City

Under Way is the new 7-inch EP from Lore City, releasing October 6, 2022. The EP follows full-length albums Participation Mystique and Alchemical Task as the third release from the Lore City Music imprint. Available for pre-order August 25, 2022. “Surrounded by the decay of post-punk style, and the celestial aura of feminine vocals inspired by folk tendencies, Lore City has created their own music world,” advises Threshold Magazine. The band’s sound is, “a combination of dark-wave, mystical rock, and dream-pop; where ceremonial rhythms, epic and nostalgic converge,” writes Loop. Lore City is a duo formed in 2011 and currently based in Portland, Oregon. Band members include married couple Laura Mariposa Williams (vocals, keyboard, guitar) and Eric Angelo Bessel (percussion, keyboard, guitar), who met as peers at Syracuse University.

Lore City’s EP statement and story provides some insight:

“Oneness. Whether you like it or not. Creeping up on you. Morse code tapping you on the shoulder. Runoff into the sea. A little bell ringing. Windchimes singing from forces unseen. I wanna believe. I animate these bones, for you. A paper skeleton on Halloween dangling from the front door. Animate, animate. Shuddering and twitching with your comings and goings. The thresholds we know. Everyone in their own little box, moving between containers. Remembering the orange glow of old sodium vapor streetlamps, and simultaneously, the terror of noticing that your heart is constantly beating. The fading roar of airplanes overhead, rerouted. Suddenly you can see the flashing red and white lights out of the corner of your eye, every night, from your bed.

Sometimes, the thing that happens along the way to something else turns out to be the thing in itself; saying to you, “I am not what you thought I was, but rather, I am my own all together.” An early departure, announcing its entirety upon arrival. Once thought of as the beginning of the next album, Under Way exists as a standalone 7-inch EP, confined only to the parameters of vinyl. Two sides, two tracks, pressed into another thing in a world on its way to something else.

Pre-order Under Way HERE





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