Catholic Guilt Share Video For Talking Fake

Melbourne punk/alt-rockers Catholic Guilt return w “Talking Fake,” the band’s boldest/mature recording to date. Musically, “Talking Fake” sees the band step away from previous releases to find themselves moving into a more pop rock space. Lyrically the single mirrors the frustration people can endure whilst living in the reality of a fractured relationship. With upcoming tours in Australia and the US, and an appearance at Fest 20 this Fall, Catholic Guilt are primed to take the next step in the bands already ascending career.

Frontman Brenton Harris said about the track: “‘Talking Fake’ was inspired by reaching that all too familiar point in a relationship, where the lines of communication have completely broken down. Both sides want to talk it out, but neither can work out what to say, or how to say it, so they don’t say anything and instead live in the comfort of discomfort, paralyzed by anxiety and the fear that if they do start to talk, it might end up being their final conversation. It is an appeal to both sides of the relationship to put all the placating, all of the excuses and the unending awkwardness aside and just speak honestly and truthfully with one another. To quit “talking fake” and just “give it to me straight”. Whatever happens on the other side of that conversation has to be better than living in a state of constant fracture.“

“A lot of our songs are quite direct in their meanings, but in this instance I made a conscious choice not to define the nature of the relationship or relationships I’m singing about in ‘Talking Fake’. My lived experience is that these kinds of critical communicative breakdowns can happen in relationships of all kinds. So I’ve left it up to the listener to define it. If someone hears it and can relate it to a relationship they’ve been in or perhaps one they are in now, then they’re right, and I really hope they find a resolution to their conflict.”

Director Dia Taylor said:“‘Talking Fake’ has been one of my favourite music videos to have made thus far as the story behind it is one that hits home. So very often we put on a fake smile, say everything is alright, and keep pushing through, just so we don’t end up facing the truth that no, things are not okay and things need to change. This can be on both a relationship level – romantic and platonic alike, as well as a larger, non-personalised level.”

“My mother once said that ‘The only sure thing in life is change’ which can be daunting to a lot of us, but sometimes change is the hardest and greatest thing that we need in our lives.

I wanted to give this video a fantastical feel to it with the characters being thrown into an alternative world of their first happy day together. Taking inspiration from director Marjane Satrapi’s 2014 film ‘The Voices’ and ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ (2004) by director Michel Gondry, The fantasy world is eerily familiar yet something is wrong.”

“We cast limited extras and used them in as many shots as we could (you’ll notice the double up at times), directing them to be over the top and then completely lifeless.

David’s cinematography helped to create the beautiful colourful world, and Amelia and Tom’s performances nailed the differences in reality and fantasy.”

Melbourne punk/alt-rockers Catholic Guilt combine elements of punk, alt, folk and rock, resulting in a sound they describe as ‘honest music’.

Following the success of 2018’s independently released debut EP Hymnbook Vol. 1 which saw the band sellout Melbourne’s iconic Reverence Hotel, secure Spotify editorial playlisting and receive national radio airplay via triple j for singles Counterfeit Guitars and Paper & Ink.

The band released a critically acclaimed follow up This Is What Honesty Sounds Like via the Californian label Wiretap Records in August 2020. A musical exploration of five very different human experiences, isolation, frustration, love, anger, and loss, This Is What Honesty Sounds Like earned the band national and international airplay via over 130 stations and received widespread acclaim from outlets including Alternative Press, Music Feeds, Brooklyn Vegan and Pop Matters.

The band also achieved the rare feat of having all five songs on the release secure triple j ‘first plays’ and a coveted triple j unearthed feature artist spot. The release also saw Spotify editorial playlisting support via New Punk Tracks (Song Of The Renter, The Awful Truth, A Boutique Affair, Life In Three Part Harmony) and The Scene (The Awful Truth).

The band built off the success of the release by signing with booking agency Destroy All Lines and playing a run of shows in Australia, including multiple sold-out shows in their hometown of Melbourne.

Catholic Guilt has since gone on to appear on major Australian festivals Full Tilt and Knight and Day as well as stage a successful tour of the East Coast of Australia and secured the main support with Pure Noise Records act Real Friends. The band is working on piecing together a US tour in support of This Is What Honesty Sounds Like. That tour will culminate at the iconic Gainesville punk festival FEST where the band will make their US festival debut. The band recently contributed a cover of Saves The Day’s At Your Funeral to the Vagrant Records 25th Anniversary compilation Undercover On The Streets put out by Wiretap Records and Friend Club Records. This cover received Apple Music editorial playlisting on New In Rock.

Having just added a new guitarist/backing vocalist Megan Sidwell, the quintet will release a new standalone single Talking Fake and its accompanying video on August 10th via Wiretap Records. They will be playing a launch show for the single at The Workers Club in Fitzroy on Saturday, September 3rd. The remainder of 2022 will be dedicated to touring both nationally and internationally and writing and recording tracks for the follow up to This Is What Honesty Sounds Like.

Catholic Guilt are Brenton Harris (Vocals), Dean Gordon (Guitar/Vocals) Megan Sidwell (Guitar/Vocals), Ben Caruana (Bass), James Noble (Drums/Piano).

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