Next To Zero Released New Single

Next To Reason

Alternative rock duo from Latvia “Next To Zero” has just released its second single “Pretending  To Be A Cowboy” from upcoming album “More Power”. It was relesed 20 of July at all the biggest  streaming and music download platforms. 

“Next To Zero” is alternative/indie rock duo from Riga, Latvia which was formed in 2019, when disillusioned  by arduous and sometimes debilitating life of infinite political correctness, and unceasing hatred of our  beloved world, two estranged, musically inclined creators decided to leave established posses and start new  musical journey from zero…….next to zero. 

Band’s upcoming second album was recorded while isolating during the pandemic at band’s own studio, which definitely influenced album’s sound and message. 

As band’s members describe it themselves “while a summer hit on the surface, the song deals with  somewhat heavier thoughts of difficulties and confusions of the current situation, when it seems that  problems would be much easier solved in the way they usually do it in cowboy movies – shoot from the hip  and let it be!”  


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