The Mountain Goats Share Lyric Video For Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome

The Mountain Goats
Photo by Spence Kelly

The Mountain Goats share “Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome,” the anthemic new composition from their highly anticipated upcoming full-length album Bleed Out, due August 19th on Merge Records. You can check out the single/video below.

John Darnielle said about the song: When I write an album that revolves around a theme, it usually takes two or three songs before I notice what’s going on. There’s always one song that becomes the ‘might as well dive all the way in’ song and on Bleed Out that song was “Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome,” written while watching a French action movie way past my normal bedtime. Once I had the chorus of this one I started asking myself the kinds of questions that usually end up shaping the album: What if I just wrote all the songs on guitar? What if I leaned into the uptempo ones? In recent years I shy away from the fist-punch no-brakes anthemic style but here I figured, you know, no point just wading around in blood if I’m already in knee-deep.

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