Interview: Paul Claxton Of Clarence Oddbody

Clarence Oddbody

Clarence Oddbody is an indie rock trio from London, UK. They recently released a new single named My Sentimental Friend. Andrew of Rogue PR took the opportunity to chat with Paul Claxton, a singer/songwriter of the band. Enjoy!

When did you realize that your project/band had the potential to be a career or long-lasting idea?

I have always been really proud of the band from day dot.
I remember when I heard our first demo and being really surprised about my guitar playing.
Because I hadn’t played electric guitar in a band for nearly 18 years and had always been a bit insecure about my playing .

But the proudest moment for me was when we recorded our debut album- “Who Loves You, and Who Do You Love?

Last November, we recorded 10 tunes in a day just like The Beatles ….all live mostly going with the 1st or 2nd take.
It was recorded by a good friend of ours JB Pilon at Buffalo Studios in Limehouse, East London and
it’s full of vintage stuff it’s definitely the best little studio in London… I highly recommend it.
It was probably my finest day spent in a studio…Ever!
The following day we just did extra guitars and keys It was amazing.
It felt like we could take on the world.

When did the first glimpses of your latest release come together?

I reckon when Jasper joined.
I had written 90% of the album over lockdown 20/21 but Unfortunately as a result of Covid, Cliff, our old bass player and his family had to relocate to Switzerland.

So in stepped Jasper, Bass player & Keyboard player.
Jasper already knew the songs as he mastered all 5 EPs for the band.
And both he and Tom (Drummer) have been in and out of bands together since being teenagers.
In the very first rehearsal with Jasper, we became a different type of musical beast we kind of went up a notch.
The Drums & Bass were so locked in really tight but at the same time really grooving.
It’s almost telepathic with Tom and Jasper
In all my long years I have never experienced a rhythm section as tight as these two lads.
I have had to raise my game as well….

So the current lineup is:
Paul Claxton: Vocals & Guitars
Jasper Osborn: Bass & Keys
Tom Chittock: Drums : BV’s

What really inspires your music?

l’m always thinking ahead.
I just want to keep writing songs better than the ones Before.
Never take your eyes off the prize.

Can you tell us a bit about the lyrical process for a song? How does it normally work?

It could be a film, Book or a conversation I over heard. (mostly on the tube listening to peoples conversations.)
I write lyrics everyday whether it’s a line, paragraph or 10 pages.
And I play everyday as well
Most of the time they are day to day relationships , failed love….stuff

What’s the most rewarding moment in your creative process as a band, and why?

At the end of day it’s all about the songs…..
If you come away humming one of our tunes we have done a good job.
Also when a listener says you sound a wee bit like so and so…..
I love that especially when it’s one of your heroes.
So many musicians get really uppity about that….I think it’s amazing.

Who produces your music, and what are they like to work with? (If you produce the music yourself,
what do you love the most about working that way?)

Usually when I write a song, I quickly record it on GarageBand on my phone. My memory is so bad I could lose it.
I put in the extra vocals and harmonies then send it to the boys.
So we jam it at the next rehearsal, sometimes I have a rough idea of the tempo and breaks.
But I just let the boys have feel reign.

Can you give us a couple of personal highlights from your live show? Particular memories that stand
out to you?

I think it was The Troubadour last September it was our first electric gig since March 2020 because of Lockdown also it was our single launch and with the new line up. It was amazing we were 8 short from selling out the legendary Troubadour in Earls Court.
But am hoping our album launch on the 7th of July @The Strongrooms in Shoreditch will beat that.

What advice would you give to another upcoming band/act?

1. Be Tight, put the time in to rehearse
2. Enjoy Yourselves
3. Engage with the audience
4. Don’t be arrogant
5. Don’t be a Dick after the gig, thank punters for listening.
6. And most important….Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Thanks for having us.

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