Thoughts Words Action #1

Podcast: Thoughts Words Action #2

Thoughts Words Action #1

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  • Intro
  • Cadavre De Schnaps – Unlearning By Doing EP
  • About Leaving – Sculptures Of Water LP
  • Fenris Fuzz – Freaky Stories Of Everyday Life LP
  • Young Harts – Truth Fades LP
  • Directions To The Outskirts Of Town Punk Rock Tour Diaries From Nineties North America By Welly Artcore
  • Drawbacks – How We Feel LP
  • The New Mourning – When The Light Fades
  • Hell Can Wait – Love.Loss.Hope.Fear. EP
  • Rotunda – Rotten To The Core CD
  • The Decayed – Corrupted Politicians Will Never Set You Free LP
  • The Holdout – Won’t Be Leaving Here Today LP
  • We Can Be The New Wind By Alexandros Anesiadis
  • The Jukebox Romantics – Fires Forming 12″ EP
  • Outro

Thoughts Words Action #3 Thoughts Words Action

Intro Citizen X – The End Of Fiction Deadends – Rebel Songs In Minor Key Harrowist – Karakorum Abrasive Trees – Moulding Heaven With Earth/Kali Sends Flowers Venturas – Your Weaker Self Caloris Impact – First Impact 3dBs Down – Get Your Retaliation In First Cojones – Resonate Frusterad – The Truth In Lies Hiraki – Stumbling Through The Walls Night Motor – Fatal CD Chaser – Dreamers Outro







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