Colored Moth Unleashed Video For Femtosecond

Colored Moth
Photo by BildInGrau Photography

Colored Moth unleashed a new video. “Femtosecond” aims to capture the image of the ambivalent behavior of the individual in an economically driven society. The song deconstructs the myth that happiness can be achieved through consumption.

The Berlin post-hardcore/noise-punk trio, consisting of Christoph Alt (guitar, vocals), Nils Kottmann (drums), Max Würdig (bass, vocals)  release their third album “Inertia”. Founded in 2013, the band self-released their first EP “ever dared to dream before” (2015). The influences range from 90s noise-rock to post-hardcore, grunge, noise, and even screamo. Something was growing in the DIY culture of Berlin.

The trio has always been in a creative environment in which hardly anything has to be handed over. Friends are not only brought on board for features in songs, but also when it comes to recording, artwork, photography, and organizing and supporting gigs. So does longtime companion and sound engineer Matti, who is responsible for the sound on Inertia as well as the sound on previous releases. This creative environment is an important engine for the work of the band, because the mutual exchange not only creates space but also ideas for the future. The sociological key behind the music opens the door to the musical and visual realizations, the heart always there, the ear always open to reflect the socio-political reality beyond one’s own cosmos and to express it with the medium of music.

The first two albums „Fragmenting Tensions“ (2016, Twisted Chords) and „Dim“ (2019, W & V Records) helped shape the Colored Moth profile. With “Inertia” the third album is now coming up, which reflects the diverse influences of the band that run like a red thread through the album.

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