NOFNOG Have Released Insomnia LP Today

Photo by Kay Appenzeller

You’re lying in bed, trying to sleep, but you’re still awake and your eyes are wide open. All thoughts are racing through your head. You don’t quite know what’s dream and what’s reality. One thing’s for sure: It’s not easy when the weight on your shoulders is getting heavier and heavier – especially in these crazy times. This insomnia, honestly: The world doesn’t let us sleep either …
NOFNOG (NO FIGHT NO GLORY) make the most of this restlessness and put all their energy into their new album Insomnia. An album full of energy, tempo and melody, but also with quieter, thoughtful parts. Insomnia settles with worldwide social inequality, the ambiguousness of our history and the fight with your inner self. At the same time the four guys from Switzerland celebrate the good times and bright sides in life, friendships, drunken nights and the love for their community.
NOFNOG want to make a difference and discover the world – always on the limit and aware that it only takes a little spark for something big! They have been celebrating high fives and stage dives for almost 20 years and make sure that no shirt stays dry and no glass stays full with their straightforward, melodic and political hardcore punk. Whether at festival, in a club or a basement – NOFNOG are always on stage with a smile on their faces and with a huge joy in what they do!
Insomnia is out today via SBÄM Records.  

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