Yunger Reveal Their True Selves In New Video


Post-Hardcore band YUNGER bring us their emotionally charged music video for their newest single, “Never Found”. Derived from reflecting on past friendships, love and other relationships, “Never Found” speaks up about wearing a “mask” around loved ones and strangers alike. The track focuses heavily on the idea of hiding our true selves and only allowing the outside world to see a specific version of our being. The band explains :

“‘Never Found’ is a really meaningful and emotional track. It speaks about the depths of not revealing your true self to the world and how difficult it can be to truly open up. Surprisingly enough, this is something we all deal with and it’s not really talked about .We as a band would really like to shine some light on situations that most people feel in the dark about. We’re all here experiencing life at the same time but in different ways, it’s important to let people know that we all feel the weight of it all sometimes, and that you can overcome the pain and grow from it.” – YUNGER

YUNGER began in Northern California in 2018 as a couple of guys passionate about creating rock music and playing shows. In 2020, YUNGER entered the studio with Beau Burchell (Saosin, Senses Fail, Middle Class Rut, Hail The Sun) to create their second EP. With the upcoming EP, YUNGER weaves grunge, shoegaze, emo, and dark pop elements into their songs, abandoning the expectations placed on modern rock music to forge their own path. The Sacramento post-hardcore outfit aims to create organic, heartful, and purposeful music to present a message of hope through the lyrics, inspiring people to overcome their own struggles.

Follow YUNGER and keep up on upcoming releases HERE.

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