Voodoo Bloo – Small

Voodoo Bloo - Small

Wellington, New Zealand indie quartet Voodoo Bloo returns with a brand new single, released a couple of days ago. This time, the group teamed up with Greg Haver and Scott Seabright during the recording, so the band bursts with tremendous energy that unquestionably suits them well. As the band stated, Small is about Peter Pan Complex and dealing with growing up as hard as that change can be. It’s a sincere composition written from a personal perspective. Soundwise, Voodoo Bloo continues at the same pace by blending a couple of complementary genres, such as indie and alternative rock. Still, you may also stumble upon some elements that are defining characteristics of post-punk and post-rock music.

Voodoo Bloo
Photo By Vincent Gabriel

Voodoo Bloo is one of those newer bands that never disappoint its fans and listeners. The band continuously experiments with genres, incorporates new ideas, brings innovations and everything else that will enhance their sound even more. Perhaps indie rock is their primary weapon of choice, but Voodoo Bloo have many tricks in their sleeves. Maybe they’re a relatively new band, but these guys sound like pros and you should know this is not another bland indie rock band. Quite the contrary, Voodoo Bloo sound like pros from scratch to finish, and Small is more than a solid proof of my statement. You can listen to the single on all streaming services.

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