NOFNOG Release Video For Ungovernable

Photo By Kay Appenzeller

Resignation and stagnation are two things that get you nowhere in life. But what do you do when you don’t know what to do and sink into the wasteland of everyday life? Who then remembers good nights whose mornings one would rather forget? Who remembers smiling faces that mean the world to you? Who has put ideas into their own head that they somehow managed to put into practice with a lot of hardship?

Ungovernable, the second single from NOFNOG‘s upcoming album Insomnia, is exactly the song you need in such moments! A track that reminds you of all that and at the same time motivates you to keep going. The melodies and the driving beat lay the foundation for the simple message that Jeri, Fux, Gidi and Räff want to give you: Move on!

But the single is not only concerned with your own happiness, but also brings the political into play. Whether on a large or small scale – we can only achieve something together and with a lot of heart for the right cause!

Insomnia will be released on April 29, 2022 on SBÄM Records.  

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