20 New Hardcore Tunes Worth Checking Out

20 New Hardcore Tunes Worth Checking Out

Here are some proper hardcore tunes to start your week headbanging. Enjoy!

Field Of Flames – Constructing A War Against You

Slow Jams – In Riddles

Devil Despize – Alpha & Omega

Juggling Jugulars – Filter

Gridiron – No Good At Goodbyes

End On End – How-To Act

Ill Communication – A Lecture In Survivability

Phantom Bay – Quit Playing The Blues

Tear Them Down – Brown Bag

Candescent A.D – Wynash Garden

Human Issue – Circles

Bitter Branches – Circus

Bent Blue – Wild Words, Strange Sounds

Victim To None – Cave In

Last Gasp – Greetings From Nightmare City

Snake Eyez – Internal War

Roundhouse – Myopic

xUntold Sufferingx – Agony Reigns

Spent – Instilled

Extinction A.D – 1992







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