Burn It To The Ground: The Roughneck Riot Released A New Full-Length

The Roughneck Riot
Photo by Mark Richards

Since their first release in 2010, a group of musicians* have become a folk-punk legend. Armed with banjos, mandolins, accordion and of course giarre, bass and drums, they are often mentioned in the same breath as greats like Flogging Molly or Dropkick Murphys. With Roughneck Riot, a political and socially critical message and the passion for punk rock are clearly in the first place. Anti-fascist and anti-“dickhead” and for Roughneck Riot international solidarity is more important than ever.

“Burn It To The Ground” will be the title of the new disc for which the D.I.Y.. Band has signed with SBÄM Records and is scheduled for February 2022. An album born out of what the band calls a “post-Brexit apocalypse” that takes their folk-punk to a new level. Since the last release “Out Of Anger” (TNS Records), then almost 8 years will have passed – high time for fresh wind on the almost empty-fished ocean of folk-punk!

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