Prints Of Monaco Release A New Single

Brooklyn, New York-based band Prints Of Monaco released a brand new single today. New Ways is their fourth single that comes right after Petals Are Falling, A Clue Recited, and Beth. It is also their first single released in 2022. Like in their previous compositions, New Ways offers calmy, relaxing, soothing, nearly cathartic chord progressions, melodies, and harmonies. Prints Of Monaco combine various genres in their new track to achieve the desired sound. Besides the sheer dominance of folk music, you may also stumble upon genres like soft rock, indie rock, and indie-pop. It’s a profoundly emotive number that will remain on your folk-rock playlist for a very long time.

New Ways offers a cathartic listening experience. It’s one of those compositions entirely stacked with excellent lyrics and flawless instrumentations. Prints Of Monaco thought about every detail, including the ear-appealing ambiance, which is unquestionably one of the most significant ingredients of this track. You’ll especially enjoy the calmy, soothing, sincere vocal performance of Oliver Monaco, who did an incredible job on this particular composition. New Ways deserves your utmost attention, and it will become your go-to folk-rock song as soon as you listen to it. You can listen to New Ways on all streaming services.

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