Harrison Rimmer Released A Brand New Single Today

Harrison Rimmer

English indie-rock artist Harrison Rimmer released a brand new single today. Previously known for exploring much calmer music genres, Harrison Rimmer decided to step up into much heavier music waters. Instead of releasing another indie rock, indie folk, indie pop song, this hardworking artist unleashed a colossal slab of harmonious noise. The End sounds like everything you ever wanted from a hard rock composition, but as it’s usually the case, there’s more than meets the eye. Besides a sheer dominance of hard rock sound, you may stumble upon some other complementary sonic ingredients like classic rock, alternative rock, grunge, and metal.

The End possesses catchy palm-muted verses, uplifting pre-choruses, and massive choruses that remain rememberable for a very long time. The perfectly assembled basslines support guitars and rhythm section at the same time. Excellent drumming contributes to the dynamics of this song with energetic beats, accentuations, and fills. Rimmer‘s voice sounds both melodic and aggressive, and both styles suit him well. There isn’t the slightest doubt that this prolific artist invested heart and soul into this composition, and the proof is implemented from scratch to finish. You can listen to The End on all streaming services.

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