Temperature Falls Recently Released A New Single

Photo By Ian J Ward

Norwegian dreamy indie-pop duo Temperature Falls recently released a brand new track. Apology is the first single in 2022 that comes right after the full-length Nobody To Believe In Anymore and a series of seven singles launched last year. By blending electronic music with indie sonic aesthetics, Temperature Falls tries to create a unique ambiance based on a calmy cinematic atmosphere, ear-appealing melodies, and soothing harmonies. The Apology embraces elements of cinematic indie pop, art rock, indie rock, alternative rock, synthwave, and contemporary electronic music. This particular composition goes even further than their previous tip-hop/industrial track, but you may hear traces of these genres in the Apology as well. These experimentations resulted in a meaningful, emotionally driven, catchy indie-pop song that will melt your heart and soul.

Temperature Falls - Apology

Temperature Falls is a duo consisting of vocalist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian Ward. The band gathered together in 2018, and since its inception, released an impressive amount of singles and three full-length releases. Each single and full-length release represents a piece of sonic artistry and a step further for the group that keeps things prolific as much as possible. You can listen to the Apology on all streaming services, while the video for the song is available for watching on YouTube.

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