Caleb Caming & The Heat Unleash The Debut Single Today

New York rock’n’roll artist Caleb Caming unleashes his debut single today. Followed by his group The Heat, Caming blends highly energetic seventies rock’n’roll sound, decorated by the dirtiness of nineties grunge music. This creative artist evolved from being a roadie for a rockabilly band in upstate NYC to a skillful musician who unleashed his undebatable talent for writing and composing rock’n’roll songs. His talent resulted in a profoundly dynamic composition that combines only the best elements of rock music. Even the sound vividly resembles that recognizable old, dirty, abrasive garage rock sound full of heavy distortion that’s capable of piling the skin off your back.

Perhaps You’ve Got Me (In Agony) commences with a calm, soothing, relaxed hard rock verse, but wait until you hear the chorus. The group unleashes the relentless power during the chorus where Caleb’s voice comes entirely in focus and shines bright on the spotlight. Besides the lead vocals, Caleb is responsible for heavy rock’n’roll riffs that pervade from all the possible directions. Still, the remainder of the band is also important and this composition wouldn’t be dynamic without an excellent rhythm section. You’ve Got Me (In Agony) will suit any true fan of rock who likes some old-school vibes. The single is available for listening on all streaming services.

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