Witch Fever Share A Video For Bully Boy

Witch Fever

Witch Fever share the official video for single ‘Bully Boy’, which is a steel toe-capped boot to abuse of male power, and considers the concept of God within a patriarchal system. 

On the new single, singer Amy says, “We wrote Bully Boy after we played a gig where the guitarist from one of the support bands shouted at us on stage to take our tops off. For us Bully Boy is our combined rage about these experiences funnelled into one track. The alternative music scene is still very much a ‘boys club’ leaving female and non-binary people vulnerable to misogynistic and sexist behaviour, and we are always challenging this. Bully Boy is cathartic, and empowering in its anger.”

The concept for the video was The Witch Trials but for drag queens and CBeebies. Violent, but in a cartoonish, over the top, completely unrealistic way, with watermelons and balloons being stabbed. It ends with the band being burnt at the stake with paper flames.

She continues, “The video is different to anything we’ve done before! The lyrics are quite brutal so we thought it’d be fun to turn it on its head and create something that on the surface is colourful and fun but has a dark undercurrent. Sam O’Leary, the director and editor, did a sweet job and never fails to capture exactly what the song needs! Sam and Roma Allenby created the concept together and hit the nail on the head!”

Including singles ‘In The Resurrect’ (watch here), ‘In Birth’ (watch here), and title track ‘Reincarnate’ (watch here), the vinyl will is released today, with a very special in-store performance at Rough Trade East on Saturday 4th December as well as signing. Pre-order HERE or tickets HERE which come with the vinyl.

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