Split Persona

Split Persona Recently Released A New Single

Reno, Nevada alternative rock group Split Persona unleashed a wondrous single named No You Won’t. The song bursts with calmy verses, powerful choruses, profoundly emotive lyrics, thoughtful arrangements, and excellent production. No You Won’t is a second single that comes even closer to the announcement of their upcoming full-length album. Perhaps this ear-appealing composition showcases a slightly mellower side of the group, especially during the wisely arranged verses. Still, Split Persona unleashes heavy weaponry during the powerful choruses when the recognizable sound of the group comes up front once again.

Split Persona - No You Won't

All in all, No You Won’t is unquestionably a perfect alternative rock composition that deserves your utmost attention. Besides a sheer dominance of alternative rock, Split Persona also explores some other genres, such as indie rock, grunge, classic rock, and pop-punk, but these elements are not so dominant in the mix as their recognizable alternative rock side. Still, you’ll notice how the beforementioned elements inspired the group to create another tremendous single that will, without any doubt, indulge the listening apparatuses of an alternative rock crowd. No You Won’t is available for listening on all streaming services.







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