Mother Culture

Mother Culture Release A New Single

Photo By Phoebe James

Melbourne, Australia indie rock duo Mother Culture recently released a brand new single called Drawing By Design. This single is their fourth single in a row since 2020, which only proves these creative musicians don’t have any intentions to stop anytime soon. Despite being prolific, Mother Culture remains up to the task, so Drawing By Design is another ear-appealing song that almost instantaneously gets into your head and stays there for quite a while. This outstanding composition comes with an abstract artwork by Kenichi Omura that entirely follows the title and aesthetics of the song.

Mother Culture
Photo By Phoebe James

For those who’re not familiar with this creative duo, Mother Culture nurtures a unique sound, probably close to contemporary indie rock/indie pop, but you may also notice how other genres lurk around from scratch to finish. Mother Culture continuously experiments with sound, so this number is not an exception neither. Besides contemporary indie rock/indie pop, you will stumble upon some alternative rock, new wave, and classic pop, which Mother Culture perfectly blended in this mixture. Drawing By Design is available for listening on all streaming platforms. Check it out!







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