Late Riser: The Midnight Shower Promotes One Of Their Latest Singles

Berlin, Germany-based alternative rock trio The Midnight Shower promotes one of their latest singles named Late Riser. This particular composition appears as a perfect follow-up to Step In The Light, their debut full-length material released in 2020. Late Riser is a song that deals with the difficulties of waking early in the morning while simultaneously pressing snooze on the alarm clock. It’s a perfect soundtrack for all admirers of alternative rock music who’re staying up until the early morning hours and sleeping out most of the day. This critically acclaimed alternative song became one of the favorite picks among the broader auditorium. That only speaks about the quality of this tune.

The Midnight Shower - Late Riser

Besides the sheer dominance of alternative rock sound, you may also notice generous servings on indie rock, hard rock, and rock’n’roll maneuvers pervading from all possible directions. Late Riser resembles all the best alternative hits that were spun on the radio from the mid to late nineties. Still, The Midnight Shower included a lot of contemporary alternative/indie orchestrations, so Late Riser is still a perfectly balanced composition that will indulge all the admirers of the beforementioned genres. Late Riser is available for listening on all streaming platforms.

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