Rat Bath Released The First Single From Their Concept Album

Rat Bath has recently released the first single from their upcoming concept album. Self-proclaimed spooky country core group from Milwaukee, US, blends several complementary genres to achieve the desired sound. The group incorporates the aesthetics of hardcore punk with the elements of post-hardcore, screamo, psychobilly and rockabilly. Therefore, their music sounds dark, energetic, dynamic, and abrasive from scratch to finish. The best part about the sound of Rat Bath is that all the beforementioned music genres are vividly hearable during the entire composition.

Rat Bath - Spit/Swallow

Rat Bath solely relies upon heavily distorted riffs, scales, various noisy experimentations, and maneuvers with guitars. The constantly present double bass strikes from beneath with cleverly assembled low-end tones and contributes to the massiveness of the entire group. The rhythm section delivers an energetic d-beat rhythm, accompanied by continuous splashing over the cymbals, various accentuations, and other drumming acrobatics. The feral lead vocals are adding even more aggression over the top, so the groups sound even more threatening. Spit//Swallow combines an eerie atmosphere, weird melodies, heavy riffs, raw sound, loads of additional noise, and even more noise as a cherry on the top. Rat Bath unquestionably nurtures a unique sound, fully stacked with experimentations. Spit//Swallow is available on streaming platforms.

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