Jem Doulton Released His Sixth Single From The Upcoming Full-Length

Drummer extraordinaire Jem Doulton released a brand new single called The Cows Came Home. This particular number is the sixth single from his upcoming full-length material. Each composition offers some guest musicians who collaborated, performed, or still perform with Jem Doulton. This time, Jem teamed up with Kevin Toublant (bass guitar, Moog) and Ben Doulton (guitar) to deliver another brilliant experimental composition that will unquestionably indulge listening apparatuses of both avant-garde and electronic music fans. Doulton pays a lot of attention while composing his tunes, so that’s the case with The Cows Came Home as well. You can expect nothing but a tremendous sonic experience by a profoundly creative musician.

Jem Doulton - The Cows Came Home

The Cows Came Home delves deep into aesthetics of cinematic ambient, but there are also other ingredients of experimental music involved along the way. You may notice some interferences of drone music, lo-fi, classic ambient, glitch, but still, these elements are subtle enough not to spoil the primary direction of the song. The composition transcends into more of retro electronica, synth wave, progressive electronic as you dig deeper. It unquestionably differs from his previous tracks, which were more avant-garde than The Cows Came Home. Jem Doulton progresses with each new single, and we honestly can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. Also, you should pay close attention to this experienced musician, who’s also famous for being a drummer for Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Róisín Murphy (Moloko), besides many other projects. The Cows Came Home is available on streaming platforms.

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