Jimmy Eff Released A Brand New Double Single You’re Not Alone

Birmingham, UK singer/songwriter Jimmy Eff recently unleashed a brand new double single named You’re Not Alone, including a radio edit of the same composition. This particular number touches personal base about the friend who took an overdose in an attempt to commit suicide after battling anxiety for some time. You’re Not Alone is dedicated to anyone who struggles with depression and anxiety and carries the message that those who suffer from it are not alone in this world. Musicwise, the song carries a slightly cheerful ambiance, so it comes as a more than necessary sonic therapy in times when the consumer feels a little bit down in life.

Jimmy Eff

Jimmy Eff explores several complementary genres through his music. Perhaps You’re Not Alone bursts with a vividly hearable pop-rock vibe, but there are more ingredients involved from scratch to finish. You’ll notice the interferences of alternative rock, nineties rock, indie rock, indie folk, Americana, power pop, and Brit-pop. Jimmy Eff incorporates all these genres through cleverly assembled chord progressions, harmonies, melodies, and other sonic delicacies, while the moderate beats provide stability during the entire track. You’re Not Alone will be right up your alley if you’re into thoughtfully arranged pop-rock music. This double single is available on all streaming platforms.

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