Christian Death Singer Rozz Williams Continues To Haunt The Music World In A New Hardcover Biography/Art Book

He was seldom interviewed outside of the most cultish fanzines. He rarely appeared on television, and his music was not played on the radio. In fact, Rozz Williams never had a hit record, and while there was a period, in the early-to-mid-1990s, when it felt as though he was about to explode into the mainstream, widespread acceptance was never Rozz’s goal. What he wanted above all was to be seen as an artist in the purest sense of that term. Decades later, the body of work he built prior to his tragic death – which includes founding not one but two seminal Los Angeles bands, Christian Death and Shadow Project, along with some highly regarded solo outings – has been widely recognized as the creation of a true visionary, an uncompromising, undeniable artist.

Now, that legacy is celebrated in this brand new 200+ page coffee table book containing the most comprehensive and detailed insights into the life of this massively influential figure. Featuring several stunning, full-color, never-before-seen photos, gig fliers, drawings and more, Rozz Williams – In His Own Words offers Rozz’s history, recollections and thoughts as told to author Dave Thompson along with some additional commentary from a handful of friends, associates and fellow travelers. This book is a celebration of the life and times of Rozz Williams, in the same way as his career—and, especially, the vast discography that he left behind—was a celebration of life. As a special treat for collector’s and fans, the book also comes with an exclusive 7” single featuring newly mixed recordings of Rozz from 1985.

Pre-order the book here: HERE
Stream/download the single: HERE

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