Dead Wet Things Shared Their Latest Single

Sunderland, UK Dead Wet Things shared their latest single named Camp Freddie. The composition follows the story of crime, mistakes, and culture. The story begins when a group of men from their hometown got heavily drunk and decided it was a good idea to rob a pharmacy. This story comes with excellent sonic support, built upon punk rock and hardcore punk aesthetics, but there are even more surprises included along the way. You may encounter some alternative rock, hard rock, rock’n’roll during this brilliant track, and each one of these additional ingredients works like a charm. It’s one of those tracks you surely don’t want to miss.

Dead Wet Things - Camp Eddie

Besides all these elements, Dead Wet Things nurtures slightly abrasive sound, filled with a heavy amount of distortion, fuzziness, and dirtiness. Still, you’ll notice a presence of studio reverb that unquestionably contributes to the overall listening experience. Dead Wet Things are feeling comfortable while performing this style, and that’s undoubtfully notable throughout the track. Camp Eddie is available on streaming services, such as Spotify, and Soundcloud.

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