Tropikaos Chaga Releases Lyric Video For Idiocracia

Tropikaos Chaga

Tropikaos Chaga released Lyric video for the song Idiocracia, this sound features vocals by Lary Durante (ex Ratas Rabiosas). Idiocracia is part of the first EP Velhas Matilhas released in May 2021, produced by Samuel Kircher, mixed by Stenio Zanona at Tung Studio (Porto Alegre/RS) and the graphic art by Érico Munari.

Until then, the band had released only two singles As Ruas vai Queimar and Mais um Dia.

Tropikaos Chaga from RS/BR, inspired by rock’n’roll, hardcore punk and the complicated urban daily life in Brazil. Érico Munari and Samuel Kircher, have been running this project since the beginning of 2020, which aims to have fun in the underground circuit robberies.

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