Anti-Flag Are Releasing Collection Of Early Demos


Like many punk rock bands of the ‘80s, Anti-Flag’s beginnings were challenging to say the least. Centered around singer/guitarist Justin Sane along with drummer Pat Thetic, the Pittsburgh PA group went through numerous line-up changes in their early days and even called it quits after their very first gig. But the fire inside Sane and Thetic refused to die, and they eventually reformed with a new member, bass player Andy Flag, who helped solidify the group and bring about the band’s very first recordings, a collection of rough demos called 17 Song Demo, which the band promptly put on cassette tape and self-released. The gambit paid off soon enough as the group would be signed to Bay Area punk label New Red Archives who issued their debut Die For The Government and the rest, as they say is history. 

Those early demos have remained in the vault since the early ‘90s, a testament to the band’s perseverance and humble beginnings, and have become the stuff of legend. But now the band is ready to make these tracks available for the first time ever on CD and vinyl, re-issuing 17 Song Demo in all its raw, rough-around-the-edges glory. Hear the band’s early versions of the songs that were re-recorded for their debut album, classics like “Drink Drank Punk,” “F*ck Police Brutality,” and “Red, White & Brainwashed” PLUS 10 songs that never made it onto any album! The collection also includes a special 18th track – a ferocious cover of Mission Of Burma’s “That’s When I Reach For My Revolver,” which is being released today on all digital platforms.

17 Song Demo will be available everywhere starting August 20 on digipak CD and on vinyl in your choice of either silver or red colored vinyl in a gatefold jacket!

Order the CD/vinyl: HERE
Pre-order/save digital HERE

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