The Oscillation Promotes An Upcoming Full-Length With A Video For Forever Knowing

The Oscillation

London, UK darkwave artist The Oscillation promotes an upcoming full-length recording, Untold Futures, with a brand new video for Forever Knowing. This particular number offers a sneak-peek into an upcoming material of this prolific British darkwave musician. Untold Futures is his eighth full-length material. Besides the upcoming album, The Oscillation released Out Of Phase, Veils, From Tomorrow, Beyond The Mirror, Monographic, U.E.F., and Wasted Space. He also released one extended play named Head Hang Low, and a couple of singles such as Truth In Reverse and Drop.

The Oscillation

As the artist stated, Forever Knowing is a glimpse of our literal Untold Futures and an emotional look at the world through a kaleidoscope. This particular single showcases his admiration towards darkwave, decorated by some other elements that are enhancing the listening experience. You may stumble upon ingredients such as post-punk, goth rock, industrial, leftfield, psych-rock, shoegaze, electro, and perhaps some other complementary elements along the way. The Oscillation reveals all his musical interests through a singular composition, which unquestionably indicates a very diverse, complex, and entertaining material that will provide countless listening pleasures. The video for Forever Knowing represents an eye-peeling voyage through the vast universe constructed of engaging abstract/psychedelic visuals. Forever Knowing is available on Spotify, and Bandcamp, while the video is available on YouTube.

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