The Running Free Are Promoting Their Latest Single Chimes

Photo By John Shepherd

North Yorkshire music collective The Running Free are promoting their latest composition called Chimes. Led by Dave Norris, The Running Free combines melodic punk rock, alternative, indie rock, and emo to convey the message. Chimes are their fourth single that showcases all these elements combined into a giant slab of melodies, harmonies, engaging themes, and dynamic rhythmic segments. The pandemic and quarantine spoiled their initial plans, but the group managed to release three singles until late 2020. Besides singles, The Running Free also published two music videos and performed at numerous live streams. All these works gained positive critics from the fans, music lovers, critics, and other members of a broader auditorium.

Dave Norris said about the track: “The lyrics were inspired by the struggle you can face as an artist, particularly when engaging on social media” writes Dave. “its about trying to stay true to your own artistic vision and not getting lost in what is popular at the time, however tempting it may be. Its about sticking to your guns”

The Running Free - Chimes

It seems that Chimes is their best composition to date. It contains all the vital elements of the beforementioned genres, plus numerous other sonic delicacies that will unquestionably indulge the ears of listeners who’re profoundly into both indie and underground music scenes. The Running Free possesses all the tools of the trade to write, compose, assemble, record, and produce a proper punk rock/indie rock number that will satisfy even the pickiest admirers of these genres. Chimes is available at streaming platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

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