Abrasive Trees Are Promoting Their Latest EP With A Video For Now You Are Not Here

Abrasive Trees - Now You Are Not Here

Abrasive Trees are promoting their latest EP, Now Your Not Here, with a video for a title track. The video reflects the psychedelic aesthetics of the particular number through symmetric, geometric, kaleidoscope, mandala shapes but also reveals abstract textures that are perfectly matching to this number. The video is brought to life by Jess Wooller, who vividly depicted the profoundly psychedelic atmosphere of the composition. It is a piece of artistry, perfectly edited and executed to work like a charm with the sophisticated sound of Abrasive Trees. Besides Matthew Rochford, a chief protagonist and man behind the Abrasive Trees, you may encounter Jo Beth Young, Mark Beazley (Rothko), and Ben Roberts (Evi Vine).

Matthew Rochford, said about this release: “The process of writing the title track started with a poem that I wrote, not long after my father passed away. He was a deeply appreciated poet and I was lucky enough to work on several compositions with him over the years – it really helped me become more incisive and succinct with how I write.

The music emerged during the time I was rehearsing with Jo Beth’s band and I’d just been given a sitar pedal by my famiIy. The Indian connection is part of my heritage (my mother was from Lucknow) so it’s nice to have that influence on this song too. Last spring I brought those two elements together (poem + the riffs I had written in 2019) and worked on it for several months with Mark.

I’m very happy to be joined on this release by Jo Beth, who’s an artist I have huge admiration for. Her vocals on Now You Are Not Here really soar, and meant there was no need to do much improvisation or any kind of solo on the track. I’m also very fortunate to have Ben and Jay from the band featuring alongside Peter Yates, Mark Beazley and Laurence Collyer guesting on the EP.”

Now You Are Not Here delves deep into the hidden corners of post-punk music, enhanced by heavy dosages of psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and dream pop. The number includes vividly hearable goth rock harmonies, but it also contains cinematic ambiance lurking around from scratch to finish. It comes as a colossal slab of melancholic melodies, harmonies, arpeggiated chord progressions, and other post-punk/psych-rock delicacies. The dominant sounds of the sitar are floating around and liberating even more melancholic tones over the already cathartic ambiance. Now You Are Not Here is a sophisticated post-punk composition with a psych attitude that will indulge all the curious ears who’re demanding more than just a simplistic post-punk sound.

Now You Are Not Here is available on 7″ and CD via Bandcamp, but you can also listen to the entire EP on Spotify.

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