Nula – Pobjedimo Laž DLP (PDV Records)

This year appeared to be so fruitful for punk rock music, it’s nearly impossible to grasp all the magnificent releases that hatful of bands have imprinted onto worldwide punk rock heritage. The bands have popped up from nearly all conceivable directions of the globe with impressive albums that’ll surely develop the direction punk rock music… Read More Nula – Pobjedimo Laž DLP (PDV Records)

Kontakta – Life In A Cage 7” (Militant Tendencies Records)

Kontakta is an anarcho-punk / d-beat band originating from Southampton, UK. Formed sometime in the summer of 2016, the band has released a debut demo recordings the same year and has announced a debut 7” recording called Life In A Cage with a digital single named Tory Scum in October this year. By simply looking… Read More Kontakta – Life In A Cage 7” (Militant Tendencies Records)

Subhumans – Crisis Point LP (Pirates Press Records)

Crisis Point is the latest album by the legendary Subhumans. Formed in the Warminster and Melksham area of Wiltshire in 1980, the band has published countless of full-lengths, extended plays, two compilation albums, and one live recording album. The Day The Country Died and From The Cradle To The Grave was entitled as one of… Read More Subhumans – Crisis Point LP (Pirates Press Records)