Werewolf Jones

Werewolf Jones To Release New LP Via Big Neck Records; Listen To “Lock Your Door”

Werewolf Jones

Big Neck Records is proud to announce that they will release Werewolf Jones upcoming LP, “Rot Away”. Check out “Lock The Door”.

Werewolf Jones started in late 2016 on Detroit’s West Side, in the basement of the house where they were roommates. In 2018 they released a self-titled tape on Rare Plant Recordings, recorded in a barn in Northern Michigan. In 2019, It’s Trash Records dropped the band’s first record, a self titled 7″ EP. In 2020 the band released their first LP, ‘Premium’ on Big Neck Records, recorded upstairs at Detroit’s own Outer Limits Lounge. 2021 saw the release of ‘Terminal Velocity’ tape on Tetryon Tapes, as well as a live tape, ‘Live at the Outer Limits Stroh Down’ on Primitiv Screwhead. The band has toured extensively throughout the Midwest, East Coast, and South Eastern United States. 

Next up, the band’s second full length LP, ‘Rot Away’ will be released December 16th 2022 on Big Neck Records.

bigneckrecords · 02 Lock The Door





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