Doomina – Orenda DLP (Noise Appeal Records)

Doomina - Orenda DLP - Noise Appeal Records

I admit we have rarely heard and seen some nice post-rock releases at our headquarters in the last couple of years. There were times when we could literally stumble upon new post-rock releases regularly, but like any other music genre, it seems post-rock has its periods of popularity. However, things are about to change because today, we have a special treat on our pages for all those lovers of perfectly executed instrumental music. Orenda is a third full-length release by Klagenfurt-based Doomina. It’s a slightly older recording, released in 2018. Still, it isn’t the only material by this superb post-rock band. Previously, Doomina published a critically acclaimed self-titled album and Elsewhere LP via Noise Appeal Records. All three are equally good, but this one arrived recently, and I will focus on it first.

Divine is probably the best word to describe Orenda. There are nine reasons why this album resonates with such beautiful arpeggiated chord progressions, riffs, ear-appealing melodies, harmonies, themes, and other sonic delicacies. Doomina solely relies upon a luxurious post-rock sound usually drenched into warm sounding, reverby, echoic, delayed ambiance that will suit even the pickiest admirers of the beforementioned genre. Their music is calm, relaxing, and soothing, but there are also some colossal, heavier, complex moments when the band levitates much more towards the post-metal sound. Besides the sheer dominance of post-rock and post-metal, you may also stumble upon some resemblances with progressive rock, progressive metal, psychedelic rock, math rock, doom rock, and other similar sonic maneuvers. However, Doomina mainly focuses on their primary sonic direction as much as possible, and that particular music genre serves them well.

I like how these songs resonate with many elements borrowed from the beforementioned music genres, but neither of them shines bright in the limelight during the album. Every ingredient is well-combined to serve its purpose without spoiling the initial post-rock atmosphere. Doomina has an excellent formula for their songs. They usually commence with stable, robust, complex rhythmic sequences decorated with simplistic riffs and harmonies. However, as the song progresses, the entire band gradually incorporates more complex themes, melodies, harmonies, solos, basslines, and beats. All these sonic acrobatics are as progressive as possible, but somehow they apply to the listening apparatus with such ease. Doomina are unquestionably pros in shaping up that cathartic ambiance full of bold, confident, powerful thematics that somehow don’t annoy your ears but, on the contrary, enhance the listening experience. I adore how Doomina avoided that classic fuzzy stoner/sludge production full of overly distorted guitars and trashy drums. This band obviously aims at much polished, bright, crystal clear sound, full of high-pitched guitar licks, warm sounding low-end tones, and perfectly produced rhythm sequences. Orenda might be a perfect choice if you’re looking for an excellent instrumental post-rock album. Head to Noise Appeal for more information about ordering this record separately or as a part of the Doomina record bundle.

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