Brain Eaters: NYC Horror Punk Band Featuring Samhain’s Pete Damien Marshall To Release Compilation Album; Watch Vintage Live Footage Recorded At CBGB’s

From the dusty crypt of New York’s infamous ‘80s punk rock scene comes this underground favorite, a short-lived but fondly remembered cult act, Brain Eaters! Formed in 1986 by vocalist Joe Truck and bassist Sarah Scratch, the band combined the aesthetics of death and the macabre (their name is taken from a 1958 cult horror film) with a raw, raunchy, in-your-face punk rock style that presaged much of the goth/death rock explosion of the late ‘80s and ‘90s. Pete “Damien” Marshall, fresh from his stint as a guitarist in Samhain, joined the group shortly after their first release and further cemented the band’s punk rock cred.

Now, a brand new self-titled collection exhaustively compiles all known Brain Eaters recordings into one easy to digest serving size. Only available previously on either 7” vinyl or cassette, this collection marks the first ever Brain Eaters release on CD as well as the first proper 12” vinyl release. Both packages include a forward from veteran music journalist Greg Fasolino as well as artwork featuring numerous photos, fliers and various other pieces of memorabilia – all of which create a suitably haunting eulogy to this uniquely compelling band!

Pre-order the CD/VINYL HERE
Pre-order/pre-save the DIGITAL HERE





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