New Rocket Union – S/T LP

New Rocket Union - S/T LP

Yesterday, a package from Minneapolis arrived at our headquarters. I immediately knew what was inside, so I quickly scheduled a review for today. It’s been a while since this band wrote me an email, but I vividly remember their music knocking me off the chair. I was blown away by their energy, considering there are only two members in the band. New Rocket Union nurtures a particular style that could easily pass as Ramonescore but the band also incorporates some other genres. They recently released a brand new album, Twin Cities Breakdown, but I will start from their previous, self-titled full-length recording. Besides the beforementioned albums, New Rocket Union also released a self-titled demo, Be My Girl b/w Dynamite, Hypnotized b/w Out Of Mind, and standalone single Waiting For You. Therefore, the release I would like to talk a little bit more about today represents their debut full-length album.

The album carries ten excellent compositions that almost entirely explore Ramonescore sound. For those who’re not familiar with Ramonescore term, it is the style of punk rock closely tied with the sound of Ramones. Of course, New Rocket Union combines those aesthetics with classic punk rock, garage rock, and rock’n’roll. Considering all the beforementioned ingredients, the band plays this style pretty damn well. There’s not even one song enclosed within this full-length album that sounds bad. Quite the contrary, every track speaks for itself, but together, these songs paint bright sonic imagery about the duo who love Ramones from the bottom of their hearts. Still, you may notice that New Rocket Union are not overly exploiting the Ramones’ sound like many contemporary bands usually do while exploring Ramonescore aesthetics. New Rocket Union rather incorporate some of their signature moves, so these numbers stand out from the vast sea of similar groups.

I adore how some tunes lean more towards abrasive, raw, energetic old-school garage rock than plain power pop-infused punk rock sound. These musicians obviously listened to a lot of garage rock, rock’n’roll, and classic punk rock, so their tracks resonate in that manner the most. You will also notice how some songs solely examine rock’n’roll sound. No matter which style New Rocket Union currently explore, you will unquestionably enjoy their three or four-chord progressions, catchy rock’n’roll riffs, and garage rock atmosphere. These guitar maneuvers are backed by an excellent drummer who carries all the dynamics with superb rhythmic acrobatics. Even the semi-clean/semi-distorted chants fit nicely with the musical background, so as I said before, there’s nothing negative I could say about the band who knows how to write, compose, and produce catchy punk rock songs. This self-titled album is still available directly from the band, so head over to their Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.

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